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Dreams of Naughtiness

Fics by Nell

18 August
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This is the fic journal of nellie_darlin. These are all Harry Potter fics, and range from PG to NC-17, fluff to angst. Please read the ratings before each fic - I'm not responsible for burning little kiddies' eyes if warnings are ignored.

I would like to think that as I write, I'm improving and developing my style. If there's something in a fic that you like, please tell me; similarly, if there's something that you don't like or should be worked on, flag it up. Most of these fics are un-beta'd (spell check is love!) so please point out any typos or grammatical errors. I tend to write whenever the bunny clouts me, and this is often at wierd times of the day or night when my brain is not always entirely engaged. But please keep criticism constructive - flaming is NOT COOL, children.

I'm also happy to beta-read fics - email me if you're interested. I'll read all ratings, although if there are any kinks please warn me. I'll read most pairings, but please nothing involving Snape - personal squick! Major pairings are Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Draco, Charlie/Hermione, and Remus/Sirius (as well as all canon pairings, of course).

Any fic requests, or anything else, email lorlorvigs@hotmail.com